I Build Businesses

I have built dozens of businesses for myself. More importantly, I have built far more businesses for clients and students.

I have been teaching business for decades, since long before the internet became popular. In fact the internet has not only helped me teach more people faster, it has given me far more things to teach.

A Recent Student

A man I have known for several years, came to me and asked if I could teach him and help him set up an import/export company. I pointed out that I have never been in the import/export business and that I could teach him how and help him set it up.

He hired me to do the job and in less than 4 months his company was setup and shipped his first shipping container. He has since then shipped several more containers.

Is This Rare or Unusual?

No, I didn’t pick this case because it was out of the ordinary, I chose it because it was recent and gives you an idea of what you can do.

What kind of business do you want to create? The sky is the limit. Take your existing ideas, find someone who has a track record of creating companies and get it done.

Am I a one and done kind of guy?

No, with the above example, it is true so far. At this point, his company is much less than a year old.

I always suggest to my new business owners that they work in their business for at least a year. Then slowly move key personnel into place to take over the processes that you have set up with my assistance.

I always start by having a new business owner bring in a professional office manager. That way, while you are bringing in the crew that will run your business, you have an anchor that you can train and count on.

This man has a lot more ideas, so as he is setting up the processes and procedures and putting the key people into place to make it all happen, he will be moving away from the day-to-day operation of the business.

As he moves away, he can move on to his next business venture. I expect at this time, he will approach me again and we’ll start on his next business.