The Secrets of Getting Traffic For Just Ten Bucks a Day

Everyone knows that paid traffic is the easiest, most reliable traffic. Other sources take a lot of time or effort, and many people eventually give up entirely because they don’t see results for weeks or months.

For example, using only free methods, it may take months or even years to build enough authority on a new blog to rank well in Google.

Or it might take weeks or months to build a decent following on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook without spending money. Plus, it takes a lot of time to do so.

Fortunately, paid traffic doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In this guide, you’re going to learn how to use inexpensive Facebook ads to drive traffic to your offers and build your list with as little as $10 per day spent!

Where else can you begin building a real foundation for a business with only ten bucks a day?

Just ten dollars a day… which many of us spend on coffee and lunch, anyway, can help you build a platform you can use to market products for a very long time!

Let’s begin.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Three Types of Traffic
    ◦ Strangers
    ◦ Friends
    ◦ Fans
  • Advertising to Strangers
    ◦ Setting Up a Stranger Ad
  • Advertising to Friends
  • Advertising to Fans

Three Types of Traffic

There are three main types of traffic we’re going to discuss for the purposes of this guide:

  1. Strangers
  2. Friends
  3. Fans


Strangers are people you’ve never met, and who have no idea who you are or what you do. These people are not likely to buy anything from you, so marketing paid offers to them is typically a waste of your money.


Friends are people who you’ve met, and they have gotten to know you a little bit, but they aren’t yet ready to trust you fully. You can market low price offers to them, or get them onto your email list, but it’s still a waste of money to use paid advertising to sell high-dollar products to them.


Fans are people who know you and your products very well. They like you. They trust you. They’re willing to buy products you promote, even at higher prices. They may even be willing to promote your content for you by sharing it on Facebook and other platforms.

It’s important to know these three traffic types, because the methods you use and the budgets you set will be based on the type of traffic you’re targeting.

Before you get started, you might want to use the Power Editor, which only works in Chrome. (If you don’t have Chrome, download it. It’s available for all major operating systems, and it’s free.)

You can find the Power Editor here:

You certainly don’t have to use Power Editor, but it will allow you to have a lot more words in your Facebook ads than if you use the standard ad creation tool in Facebook.

These two tools are VERY similar in terms of how they’re used, so I’ll be giving instructions for the regular editor. Remember, they’re very similar except for the fact that you can add more text to your ad with the Power Editor.

Advertising to Strangers

Budget: $6 Per Day

Strangers are people who have never heard of you, or might have heard of you but don’t remember you at all. These people aren’t likely to buy anything from you, and might not even be willing to join your email list.

Because strangers aren’t likely to take action, it’s best to provide them with significant value in order to gain some trust. If you give them good content for free, they will start to trust you a bit.

For this reason, you should never use paid traffic to advertise paid products to strangers. They’re not likely to buy anything, and you’ll just end up spending money with little to no return on your investment.

In fact, this is the biggest reason people quickly give up on paid traffic. They target cold leads—people who have never heard of them—and try to sell them products right off the bat.

Paid traffic can certainly work if you use it correctly, which means warming up cold leads in order to turn them into buyers—eventually. Not right away. They’re not likely to buy anything from you for a while, but this is a long-term game, not a get-rich-quick scheme. You want to build a real business, not just make a few bucks, right?

So… if strangers aren’t going to buy anything from you, what are they good for? Well, for the same reason everyone you know now was a stranger at one point. Even your parents were strangers until you grew to know them while you were growing up.

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. That’s as true in marketing as it is in the rest of life. If you treat a stranger right, that person can turn into a friend. Later, they may even become very good friends. The same thing is true in marketing. If you treat someone right, and you provide them with enough reasons to trust you, they’ll begin to trust you.

Setting Up a Stranger Ad

The first thing you’ll want to do is log into your Facebook account and visit the ad creation manager. For stranger targeting, you’ll want to select “Send people to your website”.

Next, enter the URL you want to send traffic to. This could be your blog, a squeeze page, etc.

When you’ve entered your URL, it will tell you that you can set up a pixel for tracking. Be sure you do this! This will be absolutely vital when you move onto marketing to friends and fans later! (Just follow the instructions Facebook gives you for setting up your tracking pixel.)

On the next page, you’ll set your budget. When targeting strangers with interests, you’ll set your budget at $6 per day.

Next, you’ll need to enter your targeting information. You won’t be able to set up a custom audience until you have an audience to use, so for now you’ll just be targeting by interest.

When you’re targeting strangers, the only way to do so on Facebook is via interest targeting. You’ll need to target based on specific interests people add to their Facebook profile.

Let’s say you want to build a list of people who want to lose weight. You could target interests such as:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Atkins Diet
  • Overeaters Anonymous

It can be tricky to find the right interests to target, but you’ll want to spend some time on this, because it’s one of the most important elements of this method.

You’ll want to target a fairly specific audience, but not so much so that you don’t get much traffic. Your market should have a potential reach of approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000 people.

The best way to ensure you’re targeting the right interests is to make sure you’re targeting interests that prove people are truly interested in a particular market. For example, a lot of people might put the “cooking” interest on their Facebook page, but not all of those people would have a strong interest in it. Many of those people might just be casual hobbyists.

But let’s say you’re targeting chefs. The “cooking” interest is too broad. Instead, you’d want to target things that would mostly (or only) be of interest to chefs. For example, you could target some of the high-end knife brands that appeal to chefs, or you could target some of the most popular culinary schools.

In the bid amount section, you can either allow Facebook to set the price you pay, which could lead to nasty surprises if your ad doesn’t perform well. Instead, you can set the bid amount to “Manual”, and enter the price you’d like to pay. (About 5-6 cents over the suggestion is ideal.)

As you can see in the previous image, the suggested bid was $0.12, and I’ve written in $0.18.

Note: If you don’t see custom bidding options, there’s a section you can expand at the bottom of the ad creation page that says “Show Advanced Options.” Expand this, and you’ll see the new options.

Finally, you need to go to the next section to create your ad. You’ll need to include an eye-catching image (which must be less than 20% text to meet Facebook’s latest standards) and some text. You won’t be able to include a lot of text unless you user the Power Editor, so it’s suggested you do. The more text you use, the more you can say, and the more attention you can attract.

To review, check out the details for stranger campaigns below.

Stranger Campaign Details:

  • Budget: $6 per day
  • Facebook Ad Objective: Website Clicks
  • Bidding Type: Clicks (bid 6 cents higher than suggested bid)
  • Target: Interests (until you have 500k to 1,000,000 audience)

Advertising to Friends

Budget: $3 Per Day

Friends are people who know who you are, and may have joined your email list or liked your page on Facebook, but they don’t yet have enough trust in you to buy something expensive.

The process for setting up an ad for advertising to friends is similar to setting up a campaign to advertise to strangers, but you’ll want to set the budget to $3 per day instead of $6, and you can set your ad objective to either website clicks (as you did for strangers) or website conversion (which is like paying for leads instead of just clicks).

Instead of paying a specific amount for clicks, it’s a good idea to set the price to “best conversions at the best price” to be sure you get the most out of this type of campaign.

You can target interests just like you did for strangers, or you can use a custom audience by targeting the people who have visited your website (which requires you to have set up the tracking pixel as mentioned in the previous section) or a lookalike audience based on your Facebook fan page if you have one.

Otherwise, you’ll set up the ad the same way you did when you targeted strangers. In this case, you’ll probably want to send traffic to a squeeze page, and your ad can reference your lead magnet.

Friend Campaign Details:

  • Budget: $3 per day
  • Facebook Ad Objective: Website Conversion or Website Clicks
  • Bidding Type: Best conversions at the best price
  • Target: Interests (until you have 500k to 1,000,000 audience) or Custom Audiences

Advertising to Fans

Budget: $1 Per Day

Fans are people who know who you are and trust you. These people have probably bought something from you already, potentially several times. They may even share your content occasionally.

If you set up the targeting pixel properly, you can easily target those people by using your targeting pixel to create a custom audience.

For targeting fans, you’ll only set a budget of $1 per day. These will be website clicks, and you’ll pay about 6 cents higher than the suggested bid, just like you did for the stranger campaign.

This is your chance to get sales. Whereas you were mostly just introducing yourself and maybe getting newsletter signups with your stranger or friend campaigns, you can target products with a fan campaign. This could be a product of your own, or an affiliate product.

Remember, these people know you and trust you, so it’s time to bring out the big guns and advertise something that has a higher sales price and gets you a better commission!

Fan Campaign Details:

  • Budget: $1 per day
  • Facebook Ad Objective: Website Clicks
  • Bidding Type: Clicks (bid 6 cents higher than suggested bid)
  • Target: Custom Audiences

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably spent a great deal of time thinking you couldn’t afford paid traffic, or that it was too expensive to even try. You may have thought it wouldn’t convert well enough to be worth the investment. (And if you wanted to promote the wrong thing to the wrong audience, you may have been right!)

Fortunately, ten bucks a day can get you plenty of paid traffic you can then use to market multiple products for a long time in the future. You can use it to build your platform, build your list, and make sales, but you have to keep the three types of traffic in mind.

If you keep these three types of traffic in mind and market to each one correctly, you’ll build traffic very affordably!

Good luck!

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Banner Advertisement

This is a great way to get some good targeted traffic. Simply put, banner advertisement involves getting some banners on other websites with the aim to draw traffic from them. There are two ways to go about this.

Firstly, you could find high traffic websites and then send the website owner an email that you are interested in putting a banner linking to your website. From there, you agree on the fees and then place your banner ad on their site. Sometimes, some sites that do know that they already draw huge amounts of traffic already have a service or sell banner ad spaces on their websites. Usually, you will see words like; “your ad here” or “your banner here for $xxx.”

On the other hand, you can search for banner ad brokers or banner services. These websites have traffic services ranging in different classes according to price and traffic. They already have many websites on which they put their banner adverts so, depending on the type of service you want, you get traffic accordingly. This option is far more expensive compared to the first option since it carries away the trouble of searching for websites you want to place a banner on.

Youtube Video Marketing

This is yet another powerful way to tap into unlimited traffic. The first thing you will have to do is create a YouTube channel that is focused on the niche that your website is concerned about. It helps to have similar themes as the website does so that your visitors see the link between the two and enhance your website brand.

Next, you create videos concerning the niche that you are involved in, for the purposes of this book; we will take weight loss as our niche example. So, you create a weight loss YouTube channel and then create weight loss videos. You could start by creating videos such as tips for losing belly fat or maybe keeping in shape the easy way. All in all, the videos must also be relevant and very helpful to the viewer.

Furthermore, the video must have a link to your website somewhere. So, you could have the link within the video, by adding your watermark (powered by YouTube) linked to your website or channel. You could also consider having the link in the description box right below the video or you could have it in the video which can be seen as the video plays. All these options can be used at the same time for maximization of the chances of the click through.

One of the most important things that your video should have is a call to action. The thing is that once the viewer finishes watching the video, they are left in suspense and there is a chance for their mind to wander around and go view something else. So, in the aim of controlling the viewer’s attention, a call to action to subscribe to the channel or click the link to your website is a very feasible option. By having them to subscribe, you have them within your reach because every time a new video has been uploaded they are notified. On the other hand, by having them click the link then you are simply redirecting traffic to your website.

Build an Email List

Most website owners rely on organic traffic also known as search engines as a major source of traffic for their websites. With time, the search engines have also brought in their various updates that change the way they operate and determine what ranks out on top. As a result many have lost out on a great deal of traffic. So, it is only wise to make sure that you as a website owner capture every visitor that comes lurking on your site. This is where email list building comes in.

An email list is built by visitors who come to your website and opt in with their mails to get updates or other benefits from the site. So, all you have to do is create an opt-in page and have an email service provider which you use to build the list. Two email service providers I can clearly single out are MailChimp and Aweber.

This email list that is built is then used to promote products, alert users of new updates or new posts made to the websites. This in turn helps build a long term relationship with the visitors hence also making it easier to drag them to your website.


eBooks are another great way of getting unlimited traffic to your website. There is a perception of authority whenever a visitor gets to find a free eBook in collaboration with great content on the website. When you combine the two, they are more willing to get their hands on the eBook.

So, the assumption is that you as a website owner are an expert in a particular field related to your website. However, this may not always be the case hence there is a need to outsource the writing of the eBook. So, you head over to sites like fiverr, iwriter or ordesk among others and find the writers to write your eBook.

An eBook is a great tool when it comes to traffic generation because it can be used in two ways. The first being that it can be used as a free give-away for all those who opt-in on the email list or you could simply add a link to your eBook back to your website. In the second option, as the book is circulating amongst many individuals. People will want to find your website especially if the content in the book is great.

Forum Participation

Depending on the niche that your website belongs to, you as a website owner should join forums within the same niche or those that are very closely related. Apart from learning from the forum, it can also be a super source for targeted traffic. This is so because a forum is made of people who have one or closely related interest which brings them all together. So, if the forum is about ladies boots, then if you have a website to do with ladies shoes this could be a plus for you.

When you join the forum, you must observe the trends and learn which type of posts made on the forum get the most attention. Develop similar topics which are well researched and very helpful. Your posts should be good enough to become some of the few authority posts at the website. So, when referring forum members to external links, they trust you because you are a top contributor. So after doing this a couple of times you get them to check out your website not as a website owner but as a top contributor from the forum.

Solid Content

If you haven’t been considering this then it’s high time you did. Creating quality content is simply irreplaceable. With this you create a long lasting relationship with your readers and a possible large following. Every day, we have readers looking for information and if they got what they were looking for from your site last time, it is very likely they will hit the bookmark add button without second thoughts.

Great content is also a good strategy to staying in good terms with the search engines. Keeping in mind that these are one of the best sources of traffic around, you wouldn’t want to be stepping on their toes. Search engines aim at providing high quality content to their customers and wouldn’t direct traffic to sites that do not deserve.

So you would be asking, what solid content is? This is content that keeps the readers engaged and informed at the same time. In simple terms, at the end of the article the reader should be able to get the help that they wanted or solution to the problem that they had in mind. Furthermore, they should be able to read through the whole article until the end without being bored.

In essence, great content is vital for creating a royalty relationship between the reader and the website owner. Great content can also be used as a catch for your website visitors to opt-in with their emails and help you build your list.

Image Optimization

This is one part that many miss and think is natural, but can also be a great way to pull in some massive traffic. A simple guess I would throw in right now is that your website has some images on it, but are you taking advantage of this?

Bear in mind that search engines also have a functionality to search for images from websites. How do they do this? They search the tags attached to the image or the image name. When building websites with platforms like word press, you have an option of tagging the image with names related to the image and article it has been placed in. So, when someone is searching for articles related to the image tags placed they get your image as part of the image search results.

Well, that is not all. After tagging your image with the appropriate keywords, you would also want to let other sites know that you have this image on your websites. Just like when you share a new blog post via Facebook, Twitter or Stumble Upon, you should share it via Pinterest, a social media site where pictures are shared. If your picture is interesting enough, it will surely get pinned by many and get many shares. However, for this to be more effective you must link the image on Pinterest to your website.

Lastly, you want to keep your readers on your site as much as possible. So, as an extra salt to pepper, you must link your images to other pages related to the article or image with the idea that, for instance, if the reader is reading about quick ways to lose weight and the image is showing a man with a large belly, then you could link this to an article about losing belly fat.

Article Directory Submission

There are plenty of article directories online, the likes of and Here you submit your articles and get to link them back to your website.

The best way to go about this is to firstly, read through highly rated articles related to your niche so that you have an idea of what type of article gets the most attention. From there, get to work and start writing on the desired topic related to your niche. The article has to be of high quality and also fun to read because if the readers do not get to the end of the article where the link usually is, then the whole purpose is defeated.

In essence, the more views you get the more chances that your readers will want to find out more about the product, service or topic you were writing about by clicking the link to the website.

Website Directory

These are also a great way of drawing some unlimited traffic. A good number of internet users use website directories to find particular services or products that they want hence you might as well call it a website yellow pages. Some directories are free and for some you need to pay and the rules and regulations from each directory differ.

There are two ways to draw traffic from website directories. It could be directly or indirectly. The direct being that once you list with the directly, users will find your website listed on the directory and will click and get to your website. In this case, you would only want to submit to high authority article directories. You could check the page rank to hint to you or you could follow up on what people are advising on the best directories to list on if you plan to get to draw mainly draw traffic from directory users.

The indirect method is where you get backlinks from the listing that has been made. The search process is slightly similar. You will have to find websites with high search engine authority. This is so because backlinks will only count when it comes to search engines. One rule of thumb that I have learned is that the stricter the submission rules of the website to the directory, the more authority they have with search engines. Usually, they do a manual assessment of the website, a great example DMOZ. You could consider submitting to websites such as Family Friendly Sites, Greenstalk, Splash Directory and Clash.

Press Release Submissions

These have been and are still effective today. Press release sites have very high authority with the search engines and are also a great place to draw traffic from directly. Some press release sites have subscribers to whom they distribute links press releases that they have opted in for.

The beauty about large press release sites is their ability to widely distribute your press release to readers, which is a plus to your site. If your press release is comprehensive and helpful to readers some may also refer to your press release which is linked back to your website.

Accordingly, by submitting a press release to a press release distribution website, your press release gets a wide audience which when hooked will click the link to your website and follow through. In addition, it will also act as a great way to get high quality backlinks for search engine ranking.

Facebook Page

I couldn’t go on telling you methods of drawing unlimited traffic without mentioning Facebook now could I? Well, Facebook as one of the largest social media sites keeps on growing with time and that’s where a lot of people are spending their time.

What you have to do here is head over to Facebook and create your website’s Facebook page. This page must somehow resemble what your website is like. Similarities to consider include; the “about” information that you enter and the page theme.

The next step that you will have to go through is getting likes for your page. You can always start by sharing the link to your page to friends and family just to give the page a little boost. Otherwise, you must then advertise your page on the Facebook adverts to get more targeted likes using the Facebook advertising manager. This function lets you have a targeted audience of the adverts, based on age, country and gender. So, if your page and websites are middle-aged ladies, then your campaign will be focused on the respective age and gender. In addition, remember to change the adverts frequently so that they do not become familiar and stop being effective. With such types of advert campaigns, it is only wise to have a fixed budget set per day that you can afford so that you don’t go beyond what you can afford.

Furthermore, you will need to engage your Facebook followers by adding some short but helpful tips or quotes that they can read and follow quickly. Remember, this is a social media network and not a blog because most readers will be likely to have a short attention span. So, when you have a new post or a new feature or product you would like to share to your esteemed followers, you share it to your Facebook page and the readers are most likely to click through because of the reader-writer engagement that you created.

Twittering the Twit

Do not get fooled by the name of this method, it’s nothing more than having a Twitter account for your website. As you may already know, Twitter is another social media site that is being used by even large corporations, that is just to show you how powerful it is. So, thanks to such social media platforms, the playing field has been leveled such that even you may get the opportunity to tap into this source of website traffic.

You will need to create a twitter account and explain a bit more about your website in the description box. Remember to add all the valuable keywords in this description. You also have a chance to add a link to your website on the URL space provided too.

The next thing will be getting followers. Your main focus will be to follow those people or other website Twitter accounts that are in the same niche as you are. For instance, if you are in the weight loss niche, you will follow Twitter accounts of celebrity trainers or companies that trade in weight loss products.

Furthermore, you will also need to update your Twitter status frequently. The updates must also be related to the niche that you are operating in. These updates must be helpful and can also include keywords related to the niche, but do not stuff keywords such that the Twit will not even make any sense.

With time, people interested in your niche will follow your Website’s Twitter account and the other accounts that you followed are also very likely to follow you back. So, with a large following you can easily share a new post or other links from your website to your followers via your twits.

Continuous Website Development

You can agree with me that the more user-friendly your website is, the more likely you are to have repeat visitors and enjoy natural sharing of the links to your site. So, work continuously on optimizing your website to make the user experience memorable. Simple things such as layout or website design can simply put off visitors and make them hit the return button quickly.

A disorganized website shows unprofessionalism and derails the trust of the visitor and your website could be labelled spam. Take some time to look at some of the best websites in your niche and you could find the answer to why they are the best website in the niche. Do not reinvent the wheel, just make it a bit better by coping with some layouts and you can use different designs. It’s very likely that they took some time to research and have had the resources to do so, which you may not have, so you take advantage of such things.

If the copycat strategy may seem a little too involved for you to do, then you can consider asking feedback from your visitors. Ask them to tell you what they think about the recent post or anything that they think can change in order to improve their experience at your website. By asking visitors such questions, they unconsciously create a trust blanket in your website and perceive your website as that which is reader-focused and they like that. Such visitors are most likely to return especially when you take into consideration their thoughts (although you can’t take everything).

Social Media Share Buttons

Whenever you read something interesting on a website, you want to let other people know that you read it and want to share it with friends. Well, what other better way to share such information than social media. With that same thought in mind, you add social media buttons on your posts.

If you are using WordPress, then this can be done easily by adding related plug-ins or the WordPress Jetpack plug-in which is all inclusive and has the social media buttons module which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest among others.

After readers read your post they are free to share it using the social media buttons next to the post. The more the share buttons that the social media buttons module has, the better. You will then be able to draw traffic from those social media sites which the post has been shared to and at the same time a few backlinks which are a plus for your search engine rankings. In addition, the search engines also take a look at how interactive your site is and social media signals are one of the ways they use to measure that factor.

Blog Commenting

You may have heard of blog commenting from other sources, but if you aren’t familiar with this method then you are in luck. Blog commenting is where you simply comment on other blogs in order to attract attention from those who view your comment on the post to your website.

Firstly, you will need to find blogs to comment on and the best way to start is find a blog directory where you can easily go through and find blogs that are within your niche. A great example of a blog directory is Technorati. At Technorati you will find so many great blogs listed there and all you have to do is find the right blogs to comment on.

Blogs are built with the purpose of interaction so, they always have a field to comment on and most of the time they also have space where you can provide the URL to your website. So, if you found a nice blog post to comment on, then go for it and comment.

However, your comments should be rich and helpful (contentwise). It also helps to go for fresh blog posts where there are no comments because this will give your comment much room to be viewed.

Furthermore, you could use the field where you put your name as part of a keyword which you are targeting. Do not over do this, but some blogs may view this as spam and will not accept your comment and even block you, but those who know the art of blog commenting will accept your post without hustle.

In effect, the great comment will help you get more visibility from the readers of the blog and they will click your username and visit your site. This is very effective when it is a high authority blog because that means it has a high readership. In addition, if the blog had a high page rank, it will also in effect give you a high backlink as well resulting from the blog comment with your link hence boosting your ranking in the search engines.

Reverse Engineering

As the name suggests is based on working backwards on the aim in mind. In this case, you create a blueprint of sites that are doing well with their traffic or ranking well on the search engines. So, in order for you to find out, you apply such tactics from what you see on the onset and try to figure out the strategy they put in place.

One of the strategies you can follow is your competitors’ backlink creation. So, you will need a tool that can show you your competitors’ backlinking strategy. I recommend using Traffic Travis or These tools will show you the source of the links that your competitor has. You can then build your links in a similar fashion.

In addition, you can also follow through using the same procedure to find out which related websites they network with or share links to. If the competitor is making plenty of sales or has a huge following you could also follow some strategies such where the social media sharing button is placed or opt-in box for emails is for maximum utilisation of your visitors.

In essence, you will be able to copy ranking and traffic factors from your competitor simply by studying various strategies that they apply. So, a comprehensive compare and contrast moment will reveal a lot to you.

Discover The Best Way to Build a
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Tell Your Visitors What You Want

Sometimes, it is just that simple. When visitors come to your website, a clear intention that you want to stay in touch with them is good.

For instance, you tell them that you want to have their email address so that you can alert them of the next blog post of the second part of the post which you will post soon. Also consider situations like where you want the visitor to help spread your content. You could ask the visitor to share the post if they enjoyed it and most visitors do so, especially if they enjoyed it. They wouldn’t be willing to share if they did not.

Guest Blogging

This is another great way to draw traffic from high traffic blogs to your website. This involves writing a guest post on a high authority blog. So, the magic behind this is that when the visitors of the high authority blog see your post they will want to know more about you and go to your site and also bookmark your site or maybe subscribe to your RSS feeds.

Now getting to work, you will need to find some high authority blogs within your niche. As advised earlier, the best places to start are sites like Technorati. After finding a blog, you send the blog owner an email telling them about your intention of posting on their blog. Some will accept and some will decline and some will want the topic you want to write on or they may give you the topic themselves. Once the article is done and is ready, they will review it and accept your post and you have a link back to your site.

In order to get the best results from the post, the article must be of high quality; very engaging and exciting to read and must show your expert knowledge in the field as well. If you are not very good at writing, then it’s also best to consider outsourcing a writer from the various freelance websites at your disposal.

The beauty about guest blogging is the simple fact that you rely on the high authority blog to shine out. So, basically you are building on an already built glory.

Website Loading Time

Nobody wants to wait a long time for the website to load not even you I guess. The question is, how fast is your website loading? A great way to benchmark how fast your site is loading is by selecting 3 to 4 competitor sites that have great traffic and timing their loading of certain pages such as the home page and a page with a post on it.

What to do if your site is slower

  • Consider removing all unnecessary plug-ins
  • Consider revising your theme because these vary in sizes – Consider reducing the sizes of the images (these usually take the most of time)

This factor should be checked on frequently in order to ensure that you are always on the right path and that you are caught unaware. Website loading time is also used as a factor to determine search engine page rank by the search engines themselves.

Quality Hosting

Never compromise on hosting. I know how tempting it is to go for cheap hosting in order to keep your monthly hosting cost low, but this could be a recipe for disaster. You do not want to find yourself directing visitors to a website that is down just because the hosting servers are down now. Invest in the best hosting services possible.

There are many reliable hosting services available and at a reasonable price as well. For quality hosting, you should be prepared to pay an average of $10 per month.

So, after having troubled yourself to create backlinks to the website and posting those blog posts this should be the least of your worries, but if you do not have reliable hosting or you are with a hosting company that you know is unreliable then consider some other options. You could go through some forums to find out the best hosting package for your needs and also some reviews on these hosting services.

Interview Experts

Imagine if your site was a computer software review site and you had an interview with Bill Gates. Imagine the tons of traffic you could get if this story was shared over and over again. Well, I am not saying you should get Bill Gates, you should try to get someone as popular as Bill interviewed, but you may get someone well known within the niche that you are operating in.

You will start by identifying the closest experts in your niche. For instance, if you are in the weight loss niche, an expert could be someone who has come up with an exercise that will help people get rid of belly fat or maybe a doctor who has come up with formulation to help ladies slim quick by taking a particular combination of foods or simply an owner of a weight loss product. These experts can give a professional input about a certain topic within the niche and people are likely to follow.

In effect, your articles or posts will carry more weight and are likely to get more shares socially and visibility. In addition, your readers will build more trust because you involve a perceived expert in the field, therefore increasing the royalty rate amongst your readers.

Under-­Promise and Over-­Deliver

This strategy has worked for many physical and even online businesses and I believe it will work for you too. If you are selling products of your own or promoting other people’s products then you can pounce on this strategy and apply it too. I know it’s very tempting to give away all that you are offering on your website before someone opts-in or buys a product, but it is only better to tell them enough to take action and blow their mind with the hidden bonuses or other goodies after they complete the action.

For instance, if you are promoting your own product or service and the customer has purchased the product. You send them a follow up email to see if they are having any problems using the product or if they have faults noted and let them know that your support services are available everyday and the like.

All in all, this aimed at improving the customer experience. If the customer had a very good experience with the service, then he or she is very likely to recommend your website to others and they too are very likely to return sometime.

Web 2.0 Sites

These are websites that allow you to publish content on them in a more or less similar fashion like blogs, but they are quite different. These sites are very easy to use and have set modules. They also allow you to link back to your website a few times in the article.

They tend to rank very well in search engines and you would want to take advantage of that. These sites are built around online communities and these are the direct sources of traffic for your content published. So, you are able to select the niche in which your content belongs to so that members of these sites can easily find them. In addition, these sites allow you to link your site to through RSS feed which will highlight new posts made on your websites; this is definitely a plus for you. By creating great content, you will also be able to create some loyal followers of your content published on these sites. Remember, if you cannot write well enough, try learning, and if you still can’t, then consider outsourcing.

Two popular web 2.0 sites that I can single out for you are Squidoo and Hubpages. Their properties are the same, but they operate with different rules. Hubpages has the strictest rules such that it is relatively easier to publish your content on Squidoo. All in all, they rank pretty well and can get you some high quality backlinks not only through the search engine rankings but also the social sharing feature that they have.

Keyword Research

If you are into search engine optimization, then this is a very important tool to use. Keyword word research is very important as it gives you the direction on which keywords or niche to build your website around. On the other hand, if you have already built a website, then you could use the keyword research to enhance your visibility in search engine results. The thing is that there are people who are looking for particular things online and they tend to use some similar terms over and over again, this is the core of keyword research. So, if a person is looking for ways to unlock his brand new mobile phone, then they use words like; “how to unlock mobile phone type XYZ” or “phone unlocking services”, these are what are known as keywords. In essence, you are trying to find the keyword that will bring you the most traffic.

So, if you intend to do keyword research you could use keyword research tools. These tools help you identify which keywords have the most search volume. Some of these tools are free and others are not. The most basic keyword tool you can use is Google Keyword tool. Google Keyword tool is easy and free to use, all you need is your Gmail account and login and you are good to go.


PPC also known as Pay Per Click is also another way to drive some unlimited traffic. In plain English, this is expensive traffic, but can work wonders if done properly. The Pay Per Click services are usually provided by search engines such as Google and they charge quite a lot. The cost differs from keyword to keyword. For instance, if you plan to run a Pay Per Click campaign with Google, then you will use the Google Keyword tool which also shows you the cost.

So, according to your budget and Keywords do your research and select the keywords that you can afford and follow instructions through to setting up your campaign and checkout. Pay Per click works really well when you have a squeeze page or an opt-in page to capture the visitors. As I said, since this is expensive traffic, you must make every penny count hence the recommendation of a squeeze page.

Getting Your Website Reviewed

This is another way to get noticed online. In this case, you get to someone with a high authority blog to review your site or someone who provides website reviews. Though this is not for free, it’s good for exposure to the bloggers, visitors and others that may stumble upon the review and this can also help create powerful backlinks for your website. It will cost you an average of $50 to get your website reviewed.

In order for you to get started, you can find a website review site or you can search for a blogger who can review your site through blog searching on Technorati and contacting asking them for a review. On the other hand you can head over to any of the freelance marketplace websites or blogger review sites and find a freelancer you like.

Backlink Count

If you want to make the most of search engine traffic through search engine optimization, then this is for you. In backlink count you ensure that all the backlinks that you have created count. It is a huge waste of time to create a hundred backlinks and only twenty count to the search engines. So, in this strategy you ensure that all the backlinks created count and you will need to follow a few steps.

You will need to create an excel sheet listing all the backlinks that you have created including the link which you have made and the date. Include more columns on the right which are labeled ping and RSS feed. After creating the backlink, you will have to Ping the backlinks once every week until they get crawled by search engine spiders. In addition, you can bundle these links by using a feed aggregation tool online and then also ping the link of the aggregated feeds. Repeat the pings once every week until the count of the backlinks changes. You can use Traffic Travis or in order to monitor the change in number of backlinks created.

Do not Install Ads

Depending on the purpose for which your website has been created, it is only wise not to put ads for other websites on yours. Although you would want people to click on your banner advert and come to your site, you wouldn’t really want to be the one sending them traffic. This is all for the simple reason that traffic is not easy to get, just think about it. I am having to explain to you thirty ways on how to drive unlimited traffic and after applying all these tips, you send it to another site for a few bucks, not so wise huh?

Not that monetizing is a bad thing, but you must only send that traffic if you are ready to. Consider keeping away adverts from your site and rather encourage your visitors to buy your product or opt-in with that email address. Unless you are satisfied with the list of the emails collected, then you can start adding other means of monetizing.

Domain Magic

Find domain names that are related to your website products or services. It is even more of an advantage for you to use keywords in your domain names. In case you were thinking of building a website and buying a brand new domain name, consider squeezing in that keyword to your domain to help boost your search engine rankings when that keyword is searched.

In addition, if you can afford to find an old domain name, then go for it. Old domains have the advantage that they have some backlinks created already before the site was brought down. The search engines also consider the age of the domain when ranking websites.


After you have all applied all the strategies that are on this list and all those that are not, it is only wise to assess the outcomes of your efforts. This will help you do things more efficiently and it will also help you know what is working faster, better and effectively.

I recommend that you use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s progress. With this tool, you will be able to measure the bounce rate of your website, the traffic volume, the keywords which are bringing you the most volume and other important factors that will help you optimize your site.

After assessing your site progress on the traffic, you can then rinse and repeat the strategies outlined until you get you desired output.

Final Thoughts

Well, I do practice what I preach. I know that the moment you were going through this book you expected to find 30 ways on how to draw unlimited traffic to your website and you found a bonus in the end, this is a typical example of the “under-promise and over deliver” strategy. All the same, I am glad you have set your time aside to go through this book and learn a few tips and tricks to help boost your website traffic.

Getting traffic is never easy and applying all these strategies one at a time is not as easy too. All these are time consuming and I don’t really expect you to apply all methods. In view of this, I am of the idea that you should only take in what you think you can apply, although more is better than a few. Where possible, I recommend that you outsource some of the services you think you cannot do.

The strategies outlined in this book are Google post panda and penguin. So, they are still effective. Remember, if you are aiming at search engine traffic; try to be as natural as possible by expanding your traffic sources.

I used to be one of the guys who after reading or learning things would shelve them away in some folder on my laptop until I realized that I was simply wasting my time. If only I had applied what I learned straight away, I would have been more successful online than I am today.

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Recent Posts

The Secrets of Viral Traffic

Viral Traffic is something most marketers would practically kill for, yet it’s often more elusive than the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot! It can be tough to get viral traffic, but as you’ve undoubtedly seen others do it, you know it’s possible.

So why exactly is viral traffic so valuable, anyway?

Well, it’s somewhat like the power of word-of-mouth marketing. You’ve undoubtedly heard how valuable word-of-mouth marketing is, right? It’s a form of social proof. 

Let me ask you a question. If you were looking to buy something, who would you be more likely to trust… the salesperson who stands to gain a commission for selling you the product, or a good friend or family member who recommends the product as one they have tried and loved?

Unless you have incredibly untrustworthy friends and family, chances are you’d believe them over the salesperson you don’t know. It’s human nature to be skeptical of people they don’t know. Many people are even skeptical of people they do know.

But viral marketing uses the power of social proof, because people warm up prospects for you. When someone shares your content, it’s almost as good as a recommendation. When a friend sees the link, they’re already warmed up to you a bit because of this quasi-recommendation.

Let’s compare viral marketing with traditional advertising for a moment…

If you put up a traditional ad… say an ad on Facebook… people are coming to your site as completely cold prospects. This means they generally don’t know you, they don’t know your product, and thus they won’t readily trust you.

If you have a viral campaign going and you get a prospect via a social share, that prospect is already slightly warmed up to you. It may be to a very small degree if that prospect hardly knows the sharer, or it may be to quite a large degree if the sharer is a close friend or family member.

This makes viral marketing one of the most effective types of marketing there is, and it’s also one of the easiest if you know the secrets to getting viral traffic.

In this report, you’re going to learn about the most common problems with viral marketing campaigns, and how to avoid making these common campaign-killing mistakes in your own campaigns. You’ll also learn some great tips and tricks for making the most of your campaigns, and making viral marketing much easier than you ever thought possible.

So let’s get started.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Common Viral Marketing Problems
  • Creating Share-Worthy Content
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • Incentivizing Your Content
  • Kick Start the Virus
  • Putting Viral Campaigns on Autopilot

Common Viral Marketing Problems

There are three major problems people typically run into when trying to develop viral marketing campaigns. Most viral marketing campaigns that fail can be traced to one of these root causes.

These three common problems are:

  1. Most marketers don’t know how to create truly viral campaigns.
  2. Viral traffic is losing its effectiveness. 
  3. Most content isn’t share-worthy.

In this chapter, we’re going to take a look at these three problems, and how you can ensure you don’t encounter them in your viral marketing campaigns.

Problem #1: Lack of Knowledge

The biggest problem most viral marketers face is just a general lack of knowledge about how viral marketing works, what it takes to make a killer campaign, and how to make the most out of their traffic.

Most people just create videos, blog posts, graphics… whatever they think is “hot” at the moment. Then they throw it all at the wall and see what sticks. The trouble is, it’s usually nothing.

If you don’t understand what makes a successful viral marketing campaign, you’re sure to fail every time – unless of course you happen to get incredibly lucky.

Problem #2: Viral Marketing is Less Effective

It used to be much easier to make content go viral. Once upon a time, you could add a “share” button beside nearly any type of content and it would go viral overnight.

That time has come and gone.

The trouble is that now pretty much everyone has multiple share buttons beside their content. People are becoming “share blind”, and unless content is truly exceptional, they aren’t likely to push that button.

People used to share practically everything. They did it because it was new and “cool”. They did it because they wanted attention. They did it to help out their favorite bloggers and site owners. They did it just to do it.

Now, people are burned out on it. It isn’t new and cool anymore, so it’s lost its luster. And people also realize now that sharing dozens and dozens of posts per day just makes their friends really irritated.

If you don’t give people a really compelling reason to share your content, they won’t. Period.

Problem #3: The Content Isn’t Share Worthy

As we saw in problem #2, unless your content is something very interesting or useful, people aren’t likely to share it. Because people are so much more selective about what they share, it’s more critical than ever before that all of your content be share worthy.

Just keep in mind what you yourself might share. Would you share someone’s sales page just for the heck of it? Probably not. You might if it was a good friend you wanted to help out. You might if you were doing a JV with that person. And of course you would if you could earn a commission on it. But as a general rule, you probably wouldn’t. Why would you?

It doesn’t matter how many calls-to-action, share buttons and begging you include, people aren’t going to share boring content. Okay, okay, I know you think your content isn’t boring. And chances are, it’s not really. But is it truly exceptional?

If your content isn’t something that people will become naturally excited about enough to share, you’re going to have to give them a powerful incentive to share your content. If you give them an incentive that is strong enough, they will share it.

So how do you do that? With a bribe, of course! We’ll talk about that later. For now, let’s talk about creating share worthy content!

This is The Best Way to Build a
Passive Stream of Income!

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Creating Share-Worthy Content

In order to get people to share your content, it needs to be truly worthy of sharing. Most people don’t want to inundate their friends and family with tons of superfluous content. 

No one likes to think of their content as superfluous, but unless it’s really interesting, unique, or in some other way valuable, most people will consider it as such.

It’s not particularly difficult to create content that is share worthy, but it takes a little bit of extra thought and effort. There are ten psychological factors you can use to ensure your content is as share worthy as possible. Let’s take a look at these ten factors.

Viral Factor #1: People Share Positive Content

Turn on the news. Most of the time all you see is sadness, pain, death, destruction and other negative things. Our brains are absolutely slammed with horror day after day. 

You may think these shocking and horrific stories are the ones that get shared most often, but you’d be wrong. The fact is, people are much more likely to share positive content than they are the bad stuff.

If you really pay attention to the kind of content people share, it’s almost always positive, upbeat, heartwarming stories that really make people feel good. This is the kind of content people want to share with their friends. 

They don’t want to shock and horrify their friends. They want to bring them joy! So always remember that positive content is share worthy content!

Viral Factor #2: People Share Emotional Content

Emotion is one of the most powerful motivators imaginable. Any type of emotion makes a difference. Positive emotions, as we saw in factor #1, are more powerful than negative, but all emotions can inspire sharing.

Keep these emotions in mind as you create your content:

  • Laughter – Comedy is a powerful thing for viral content!
  • Shock – Shocking content is typically very share worthy!
  • Embarrassment – Yes, people will share embarrassing content, but especially so if it’s embarrassing to other people!
  • Hope – Hope is something everyone needs more of, and they will gladly share content that makes them feel hopeful!
  • Warmth – Heartwarming content is definitely share worthy. Stories that warm the heart are shared amazingly often!
  • Anger – Anger can definitely inspire people to share. If you can outrage someone, they are quite likely to share.

Viral Factor #3: People Share Useful Content

Useful content is easy to find, but unique useful content is not. You can find a thousand different recipes for a particular dish, perhaps ten thousand or a hundred thousand or more. But finding that same recipe made with leftovers, or made with super cheap ingredients, or made on a grill instead of in an oven, or with any other unique and useful spin… well, that makes it share worthy.

Create content that helps people solve a problem, preferably in a unique way. Think of the biggest problem your target market faces, and then create viral content that helps them solve it. Bingo! Instant share worthiness!

Viral Factor #4: People Share Entertaining Content

People love entertaining their friends. That’s why joke books have been great sellers for years. It’s why jokes are some of the most shared and emailed content. And it’s why class clowns always seem so popular. 

Have you seen those funny cat videos that make the rounds? How about those hilarious Superbowl commercials that go viral overnight? If your content is funny… genuinely funny… people will share it.

Just remember that funny content won’t necessarily be appropriate for every situation. If you’re selling burial plots… avoid comedy. Seriously. That would be really tasteless.

Viral Factor #5: People Share Politics & Religion

People love to share content that agrees with their views on politics, religion, etc. Most people don’t even care if they offend their family and friends. They want to share their viewpoint, and hopefully try to change some minds to their side in the process.

Just be careful using this kind of content, because it could backfire. You could really polarize your audience, causing some of them to flock to you and others to flee in a panic.

Viral Factor #6: People Share Content That Makes People Think

Philosophical content – that is content that really makes people stop and ponder – can go viral really quickly simply because it’s not the same old mindless stuff you see online every day.

It’s not easy to come up with unique stuff that makes people think, but if you can accomplish it, you can definitely gain an audience quickly.

Viral Factor #7: People Share Unique Content

Unique content is a rarity these days. The internet is absolutely packed to the rafters with content of all types, so creating something truly unique is a challenge in and of itself. 

Of course, if you can pull it off, unique content will be something that will go viral very rapidly, especially if it’s powerful and compelling in some way. Useful? Funny? Emotional? Just be as unique as possible, and you’ll increase your viral factor by leaps and bounds.

Remember, people love to be the first of their friends to share something new and exciting. So the newer and more unique it is, the faster it will spread.

Viral Factor #8: People Share Shocking Content

You’ve probably seen a little risqué content being shared amongst your friends and family, haven’t you? Maybe you’ve even shared some yourself. You know… the kind of content that makes people blush and giggle and maybe even speak in hushed tones, lest someone hear.

It’s a rush for most people to see and share content that might shock their friends. It’s also exciting to view it, especially when we think we shouldn’t.

Just remember that like political and religious content, it could backfire. If your audience is more conservative, you should probably shy away from this type of stuff.

Viral Factor #9: Content Must Reach Critical Mass

In order for content to go viral in the biggest possible way, it must reach critical mass. Unfortunately, viral marketing is really an all-or-nothing game. Unless your content takes off quickly, it probably never will. 

There are exceptions to this, of course. There are exceptions to nearly everything. But exceptions to this are few and far between.

If you want your content to go viral in a big way, it’s important for you to push it hard. It must reach critical mass, meaning it must be shared by enough people to push it globally very quickly, or it will just fizzle and never get anywhere.

Viral Factor #10: People Share Incentivized Content

No, you don’t have to pay people cash to share your content, although that certainly could help if you wanted to do it. But you must offer some sort of valid, compelling incentive to get people to share it.

Bribe them, beg them, whatever you have to do. Just get them sharing your content!

Creating Compelling Content

Okay, now that you know how to create content people will share, it’s time to figure out exactly how to create compelling content that makes people want to share it just because it’s so amazing.

First, think about what people typically share:

  • They share stuff that they think their friends and family will enjoy. 
  • They share stuff they think will get them positive attention.
  • They share stuff that makes them feel good to share.
  • They share stuff that makes them feel helpful.
  • They share stuff that makes them excited in some way.
  • They share stuff they think will make them more popular.

Spend some time brainstorming about your niche. Think about what kind of content would really appeal to your audience, and what they might be most likely to share. Make a list of those things, and then try to choose a few of the most compelling to focus on.

Remember, if you can solve some kind of problem in your niche, people will naturally want to share your content.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself as you are brainstorming that will help you figure out exactly what people are looking for. 

Let’s take a look at those questions…

  1. What kind of content does your audience really want? Check out sites like ClickBank and Amazon to see what people are currently buying, because chances are, this is what they’re looking for.
  2. What content format does your audience prefer? Different audiences respond better to different types of content. Some prefer text. Others prefer audio. Some respond best to video. Some even like infographics or other types of images. Be sure you’re creating content in the right format for your audience.
  3. What type of topics do people tend to get excited by? You want to create content that is really going to get people thinking, talking, and even arguing. You want people engaged with your content, not just looking at it.
  4. What type of topics are polarizing? Anytime content creates a strong emotional reaction, especially one that causes people to feel compelled to share their opinion, it causes the type of polarization that gets content noticed.
  5. What topics would your audience find funny? You can even find ways to make most serious topics funny. Think of people like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher. They make politics, normally a very serious topic, funny.
  6. What topics would your audience find uplifting? Remember, people really prefer positive stories. Success stories are one great way to do this.
  7. What is your USP? Everyone has some kind of USP – a unique selling point that makes that person different from everyone else in a niche. Maybe it isn’t really unique to you, but instead you just happen to be the only one focusing on it. But uniqueness is important!

Incentivizing Your Content

It’s very important to incentivize sharing unless you have extremely unique and compelling content that people will share rabidly with no incentive whatsoever.

Such content is extremely rare, thus incentives are key to almost every viral campaign.

Think about the viral campaigns you’ve seen lately. Many of them require sharing in order to enter a contest or get a discount of some sort, right? That’s because incentivizing content works.

Let’s take a look at what makes a great incentive:

  1. It must be something your audience really wants. Obviously, if they aren’t excited about the incentive, it won’t be useful. People only want to share so many things in a day. Make sure it’s yours! It could be a report or ebook, a video, access to a membership site, a useful template, a piece of software, a valuable coupon, or some other killer incentive. If it is something your prospect might be willing to pay for, it’s even better!
  2. It must be easy to deliver. If your campaign really takes off, it could cost you countless hours of your time if you have to deliver your incentive manually. You need some kind of incentive that costs you little to nothing to deliver and takes little to no time.
  3. The incentive must be valuable and unique. People aren’t going to share your content just to get some free report they’ve seen on 300 other websites.
  4. The incentive should benefit you in other ways. For example, your incentive should ideally also serve as a pre-selling tool or a lead generator. You’ll be doubling the incentive’s effectiveness if it not only serves to encourage sharing, but also helps sell your product or generate leads for your business.

Kick Start the Virus

Now it’s time to get people sharing this killer viral content you’ve created. You’ve engineered your killer virus, now it’s time to unleash it on the world and make it spread like wildfire!

There are a couple of quick and easy ways to do this:

  1. Get your offer in front of as many people as possible and FAST! The faster you get your content in front of a large number of eyeballs, the faster you reach critical mass and really send your content viral. Post it EVERYWHERE! Post it on your blog. Email your subscribers. Post it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Buy ad space. Post videos. Visit forums. Anything you can do to get it out there fast will help! The faster it reaches critical mass, the faster your content will explode virally.
  2. Understand how viral campaigns work psychologically. There are two triggers that are at play here. First, the law of reciprocity is the fact that when someone does something for you or gives you something, you should then do something for them. Your incentive will naturally make people feel they must reciprocate by sharing. Second, the “get your foot in the door” principle means you introduce them to your free content, which will lead to your paid content later.

Putting Viral Campaigns on Autopilot

All right, you’ve created the killer share-worthy content, you’ve made sure it’s compelling, and you’ve put your campaign in motion. Now it’s time to put the whole thing on virtual autopilot!

Social Share Monkey will help put the delivery of your incentive completely on autopilot. This ensures you won’t miss anyone, which could really hurt your reputation, and that you won’t throw away your valuable time by having to deliver thousands and thousands of incentives individually.

Here’s how it works:

  1. People arrive on your landing page and they’ll see an expandable popup bar on the page. When they click it, they will see your offer. This is where you will tell them that if they share your content, they can get your killer incentive.
  2. Once they share your content, the incentive will be unlocked automatically. They will receive the incentive immediately, in the same popup window in which they shared your content.

It’s really that simple! No more delivering incentives manually. No more wasting countless hours at this pointless task. No more angry people who have to wait too long to get their item.

Best of all, you can have Social Share Monkey running on any page on your website, allowing people to share all types of content, including YouTube videos, infographics, blog posts, or any other type of content you can put on your pages.

If you’ve been wanting something that would get people to share your content, Social Marketing Monkey is exactly what you’ve been looking for! The software can handle all aspects of your viral campaign for you. All you have to do is create killer content!

Final Thoughts

Viral traffic may be elusive, but it doesn’t have to remain hidden in the shadows forever! You have a far greater chance of finding it now that you know some of the secrets!

Remember this if you want to create an awesome viral campaign that is sure to pull in massive traffic:

  1. Create content that is truly worth sharing. If you miss the mark on this one, you fail… period. Without content that is interesting enough or valuable enough to make people want to share it, any viral campaign will fizzle.
  2. Bribe your visitors to share your content. Make sure you come up with some sort of bribe that will encourage your visitors to share your content… and make it so enticing they can’t resist sharing! In order to greatly magnify the usefulness of this bribe, be sure it’s some sort of pre-selling tool or lead generator.
  3. Use Social Share Monkey to make the process as simple as 1-2-3! With Social Share Monkey, the viral content process is practically hands-free!

Go check out Social Share Monkey right now. You’ll be glad you did!


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Top 8 Traffic Strategies

There’s a lot of talk about how to generate traffic to your website so that you can instantly maximize your income and automate your online business.  The trouble is, there are literally hundreds of traffic sources to choose from so knowing which ones will ultimately generate the highest volume (and the best quality traffic) isn’t always easy.

Throughout the years, there have been two main ‘blocks’ of traffic:

  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

It used to be that in order to generate fast and easy traffic to your website, you had to set up advertising campaigns with pay-per-click marketplaces like Google Adwords.  While these campaigns would send instant traffic to your website, they often came at a hefty price, requiring constant monitoring in order to ensure that advertising dollars weren’t wasted.

Then came free traffic.  It was slower, often from multiple sources and often tedious to manage.  The results could be worthwhile but most marketers and business owners would give up too soon, unsatisfied with the time and effort required.

Thankfully, things have changed across the marketing landscape and these days there are ways to siphon high-quality traffic to any website or landing page you choose without spending a fortune on advertising channels and without having to endure the slow and tedious process often associated with free traffic campaigns.

In fact, using just a couple of the FREE traffic resources that I am about to share with you could ultimately flood your website with more traffic than ever before, instantly increasing your profits while solidifying your place as an authority in your market.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s go!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Forum Traffic
  • Social Media Trafiic
  • Press Releases
  • Document Sharing Networks
  • Tutorial Based Learining Communities
  • Video Killed The Radio Star
  • Content Galleries
  • Coupon Traffic Siphon

Forum Traffic

Forum marketing has been a leading traffic source for countless marketers for years. But in today’s society of social media, it’s all about ‘relationship marketing’.

You use forums as a way of connecting to your target audience quickly so that you can identify what they want and then deliver it to them.

Forum marketing is a great way to build credibility in your market quickly, especially if you’re just getting your business off of the ground. It’s also a fantastic way to get in touch with the movers & shakers in your niche, while researching, evaluating and identifying points of entry (what type of products are likely to sell, what people are actively buying, looking for, etc.).

Forum marketing is also very easy because you can allocate an hour a day to staying active within the community and continue to generate interest and traffic to your website, even from posts that you’ve written months ago!

So, how do you drive traffic to your website from active forums in your market?

One way is to offer free, high quality content, tools and resources to your audience. If done correctly, you’ll quickly develop a positive presence within the forums and people will begin to turn to you as an authority in your market.  

Nearly all forums offer the opportunity to create a profile that includes your URL, short bio and personal information such as your name, email address and in many cases, your social media accounts (like twitter or facebook). But forums also offer you another way to maximize exposure through what is called a “signature box”. A signature box is attached to every post you make and usually includes a few lines of text and a direct URL.  Many forums allow only one URL, while others allow multiple URL’s as long as your signature does not exceed a certain length of characters.

You want to include a direct URL to your very best content page. Do not link directly to a sales page, but instead, provide a direct line of contact from the forum – to a page on your website that offers something of value. This could be a page on your blog that provides direct download links to free products, tools and resources, or it could be a link to a squeeze page that offers a valuable incentive in exchange for their subscription.

Social Media Traffic

Social marketing is all about directly connecting with your customer base, engaging them in conversation and building relationships with your target audience. One of the easiest ways of building a customer-based marketing campaign is to exploit the popularity of social networks like, Ning, Linkedin and

When it comes to social media there are countless ways to touch down and connect with your target audience. With Facebook, you could set up paid advertising campaigns that are set to deliver based on user activity.  It’s a highly targeted form of advertising and a very cost effective strategy for those who want to test the waters while generating quick and steady traffic to their website.

You can also set up marketing campaigns at no cost as well just by creating a Facebook page for your business and connecting with potential customers. You can enhance your Facebook pages by offering discounts, special coupons and savings available only to those who join your Facebook group, like your page or connect with you in another way.

With social media platforms like Twitter, you’re able to connect with your audience easily just by sending out short updates, notices and news of interest.  Instead of marketing heavily within your social communities, always focus on offering value in the form of useful information, hard to find material, freebies, discounts and other benefit-driven offers that will help you stand out while nurturing relationships within your market.

And don’t forget other leading social networks like and, both viable social media platforms that will help you further extend your marketing outreach.  Linkedin is considered the “professionals social media community” where you can create a live portfolio and resume that lists your achievements, connections, business information and contacts. With Ning, you are able to create your very own customized social media community, providing your customers, members and subscribers with a fun and easy way to interact with one another and with you.

Press Releases

Press releases are a very effective and powerful way to reach out to your target audience and generate buzz around upcoming products, offers and launches.

Press releases are also very inexpensive to produce and extremely easy to distribute.  In fact, you can automate distribution by hiring press release circulation and distribution outlets that will tweak your press release and submit it to all of the major media stations, blogs and content syndication outlets.

You can also submit your own press releases through both free and paid distribution channels, so regardless of your time and budget, press releases are an essential method of positioning your business for mass exposure.

Here are the most important elements to include in your release: 

Release Time & Date:  You want to place the time and date of your press release at the top of every news release, either indicating when the document can be made public, or “For Immediate Release” to show that it’s ready for distribution immediately.

Headline: Summarize your storyline or message in just a few words. The objective is to immediately capture attention from potential customers and clients.

Subhead:  This expands on the headline and gives readers a bit more information about what your branding message is about.

Dateline:  Include the day that the document was released, and the place of origin (your city and state).  You can choose to include your companys address, or simply include your website’s URL.

Introduction:  In a single paragraph, cover the basic elements that you’d find at the beginning of an article:  who, what, when, where, why and how. 

Body: Expound on the introduction and go into your story. Use details, statistics and trend information to back up your assertions and get your points across. 

Bio/About “Your Company”:  Include background on you and/or your company and its services.  

Closing marks:  Use the symbols “###” or “-30-” to show that the press release has formally ended. 

Contact information:  Include your contact information, website address and any other contact information that will make it easy for people to get in touch with you. 

Document Sharing Networks

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to generate massive traffic to your website at no cost, you’ll want to explore the potential behind popular document-sharing and content distribution networks such as Scribd. You can upload content there and add it into specific categories.

And the great part about this type of site is that you can upload virtually ANY type of content. This includes articles, reports, ebooks, letters, tutorials and more.

Tutorial Based Learning Communities

One of the most overlooked sources of quality traffic is in “tutorial-style” websites. 

If you’re involved in a niche market where instruction based training is popular and in demand, you can instantly exploit an unbelievable traffic source just by uploading quality tutorials focusing on various tasks in your market.

For example, if you are a graphic designer you could create a series of short video based tutorials that highlight the different ways of creating graphics in Photoshop, or if you are an online marketer specializing in SEO, you could create a few different tutorial style guides and videos that show people exactly how to optimize their web pages for the major search engines.

Tutorial sites are an untapped source of quality traffic, and because people are genuinely interested in learning more about your topic or market, submitting a series of tutorials that include your website URL or squeeze page address in the footer of every tutorial will quickly generate a massive amount of red hot traffic to your site!

Tutorials don’t have to be complicated; in fact, you should focus your tutorials on being short and to the point.  

If you aren’t able to create video-based tutorials, you could outsource them to specialists in your field, or provide image based tutorials that include illustrations, graphics or diagrams relating to your topic, with written (transcript) of what is being done, step by step.

Here are a few places to submit your tutorials for immediate traffic:  

Tutorial sites aren’t the only source of untapped traffic that I want you to focus on.  Consider the many other ways that you can upload valuable content and maximize your traffic, instantly.

For example, consider hiring a programmer to create a simple WordPress plugin or template (you can also purchase full rights to existing templates) and add your site link into the footer of the template itself. As the template gets circulated throughout the countless wordpress template directories, you’ll gain valuable link juice and FREE exposure!

Plus, you can also include your template or plugin in WordPress’s own self-hosted directory, and get a backlink from the source itself!

Video Killed The Radio Star

Studies have shown that video sites have the power to convert as high as 30%! That’s phenomenal when you consider that standard websites typically convert at only 2-3%.

There are many ways to create compelling video presentations. You can outsource your video creation and editing for as low as about $25 per 30-second video to freelancers, or create simple video presentations yourself using Powerpoint slideshows, or even article content!

The key to successful video marketing campaigns is to incorporate relevant keywords into your videos description. 

Video websites carry massive authority with the major search engines, so by including highly targeted, specific keywords into your video campaigns, you’ll be able to maximize exposure, instantly.

To choose the best keywords for your video, you’ll need to conduct some quick keyword research as we’ve discussed in an earlier segment of this guide.  You’re looking for a keyword phrase with fewer than 40,000 results, so your competition isn’t so high that it would be impossible to rank.

Now, add your MAIN keyword into the first line of your videos description. You want to include it right in the title so the search engines see it.  

I always include my keyword at least twice with every video I submit, first in the headline/title, and in the description itself.  If you submit your video to a site that allows for “tags”, make sure to take advantage of those and add in additional keywords that relate to your market!

You should also include your website URL at the start, and end of your video, pausing the screen for a second before shifting into your videos presentation.  

And make sure that you use a call to action in EVERY video you create, so that those viewing your video are instructed to visit your website or squeeze page for more information. You need to tell your viewer what their next step should be, so make sure to use a strong call to action with every video you create.

And finally, you want to focus on building quality back-links to your videos. You can do this by direct linking (using anchor text) to your videos from feeder sites like HubPages, Squidoo, as well as your own blogs and websites, and of course, you can embed the video into your squeeze pages as well! 

Hot Tip:  One easy way of generating instant traffic from video marketing campaigns is to find a popular video and create a video response. By doing this you’ll be able to link your video to the existing video while piggybacking off of its popularity!

Content Galleries

Content galleries, otherwise known as “PDF networks”, “Content Portals” or “Ebook Directories” work on a very basic premise. You submit quality content in the form of PDF files such as reports, articles, ebooks or training courses and in exchange, you get free advertising from the directories.

And here’s another great aspect to content galleries – you can actually make money uploading content!  

Sites like will pay you a percentage of all sales made, so you can upload everything from short reports to PLR content that includes your website URL and name, and get paid for every download while gaining prime exposure from these authority content sites.

When creating your free content giveaway, make sure to create your content in PDF format. That way, you can be sure that it’s viewable on every operating system so you’re not leaving out Mac users, and you’ll be able to guarantee acceptance into every content distribution network. 

Here are a few places to begin submitting your PDF files:

Coupon Traffic Siphon

You’ve heard of the popularity of coupon sites like but what you may not have thought about is just how easy it is to siphon traffic from these high traffic websites!

All you have to do is create a coupon code for a product or offer on your website and submit it into the top coupon directories online.  While many coupon websites will need to approve your offer, it doesn’t usually take more than 48 hours for it to go live and once it does, prepare for a major wave of unstoppable traffic!

Here are a few coupon sites that you can submit your offer to.  Keep in mind that the more exclusive your offer and the deeper the discount, the more exposure you’ll receive:

Final Thoughts

You now have 10 fantastic ways of driving red hot traffic to your website!  Start off by implementing just one or two of these ideas into your marketing campaign and sit back as the traffic pours in.  Continue to expand your outreach by adding new traffic sources to your funnel and set yourself up for long term success.

To unstoppable traffic!

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