How to Get More Subscribers to Open Your Emails

So how do you get subscribers to open your emails? You’ll be surprised to know that the answer is simple: by making sure they are worth opening! You see, it doesn’t matter if you spend thousands on building the biggest and fanciest email list in the world. If you send emails out full of bumph which no one wants to read then all your hard work won’t get you anywhere! In this article you will learn how to build that relationship with your list and get more subscribers to open your emails.

1. Give people a reason to open your emails

If all you do is sell then people latch onto this pretty damn quickly! Even if they don’t unsubscribe in the first place they are highly unlikely to open your emails because they know that each time you’re trying to sell them something. Give people a reason to open what you send. Of course you need to sell from time to time, but also provide good content that people can actually use. Make people look forward to receiving your emails. You want people to see your name and think ‘hey I must open that because it’s from such and such a body and I know I’ll benefit from reading it…’

What I’m trying to say is that the more you give, the more you receive. If you’re giving great value for free or for a very cheap cost, then people will see you as an authority and in turn will want to buy from you.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of other people out there with great content and information on their sites that you can use as inspiration and reference. Write your own articles and blog posts, but also look around for other interesting articles and blog posts to link to.

Other things to include in your emails could be:

– competitions
– promotions
– free stuff
– your latest blog post
– news related to your niche, etc.

2. Think about your subject line

The email subject line is often the only thing that gets read. It’s like a headline in an ad, or the cover of a book. If it doesn’t grab you, you won’t read anything else.

And so I have some thoughts on how to make your subject lines better.

You can use subject lines to build anticipation for upcoming emails and events. You can use them to tease out information from your list in the form of a question. And you can even use them to let people know that there is no need to open the email until later.

But just remember this – be respectful of your list’s time, and don’t send emails unless they have value to your audience in some way.

3. Consider the time

Sending emails on certain days and times will yield much better results than others. Again, it all depends on your target audience and where they live.

When will your subscribers be at their computers?

Try different times and test to see which times work best for you. A lot of people take the opinion that Tuesday is a good day, however I have always found it pretty poor and the competition is massive!

Find out what works for you and don’t forget time differences. If you live in the UK but most of your subscribers are in Australia, for example, then don’t hit them when they will all be in bed!

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Author: Rob Hoerntlein

I am a second generation marketer. My dad spent my childhood teaching me about marketing. His motto was "If you know marketing, whether you go onto marketing or not, at the very least you will be able to convince your prospective employer that you are the best person for the job". He went on to say "Always keep yourself in learning mode. That way when you get those inevitable jobs that you are not qualified for, by the time your boss figures out that that you are not qualified, you will have learned the job". In addition he emphasized "Always give the boss more than he or she expects, that way when the layoffs come, you'll never make that list". This is the way I have lived my life. I have always created my own way in this world. I have always created by own jobs. On those rare occasions when I have worked for someone else, it has been because I needed to learn something and instead of going to school and paying for my education, I got the job so that my boss could teach me, plus pay me.

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